Saturday, December 10, 2011

you smile, I smile

yesterday my friends and I went to jusco melaka.
actually this idea is from one of my friend,akila.we decided to rent a car till night but then, 3 more friends want to,why not?
the more the merrier (:

3pm straight away to jusco melaka with amoy,yatt,hanan and kila.
nothing specific to do just walking around and shopping.
ombak rindu?
tak layan la filem melayu jiwang-jiwang.confirm wayang penuh dengan couple yang terlebih emosi.haihh

kila terlebih excited she told me that she want to buy a speaker I thought a compact mini one.but then guess what, she carried a huge plastic bag with the real speaker with full bass.

lunch at pizza hut.the feeling when is same like I'm eating in coffee prince.
surrounded by handsome-handsome waiters.
* gulp
budak-budak after SPM sibuk la cari kerja part time.
seriously sangat handsome.
setiap kali the waiters walking passed through our table,semua tercengang dan mata bersinar-sinar.

haihh,ini la hidup tidak berlaki
*ayat tak boleh blah :D
nampak je lelaki handsome mula la berangan