Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the day might come

it has been a long time since I stay in melaka and didn't post anything to my blog.
boo me !

there are some reasons why I never open my lovely blog or facebook
 (but i'm still active my twitter 24/7)

1.because my broadband doesn't work at all.it stuck !
2. my schedule never give me a little time to have a cup of coffee and sit in front of my laptop.
3.too much distractions. I MEAN it. assignments
4.I'm too busy become a tesl student for this new semester.

guess what,for this current semester so many things have changed up.
including my faculty,class mates,lecturer,etc
starting my day with hiking up the hill to the class,wearing my baju kurung and holding a bunch of books.doesn't it sound cool?
not cool enough?
okay,what about walking during a rainy days no umbrella at all because it's same if you are using umbrella or not.
and suddenly came a bitch car driving along the road and SPLASH!
it's not end yet,opened the window with a big smile and said 'jalan tengah hujan kak?' 
sangat la bitch that person.

get lost with your old car la dude.setakat drive kereta proton fuel pun you're using your parents money or maybe PTPTN and need to pay back to government tak payah la nak showed off sangat.
oh btw,if you're just diploma student taking such a lame course that doesn't make you get big job with big money tak payah la.

if you think you're cool enough to drive a car at such a young age.no you're not.
mind your manner,attitude and the way you're thinking.
then I might consider you.

perhaps,UiTM need some new rules.no cars in campus.
sediakan parking lot for students outside the campus.in campus we all same.
or maybe cars can be use in certain area.it can control the traffic jam and think about other students that walking by the road.do I have to give up and let the car pass first?

sometimes it doesn't necessary to showed off all the thing you have on this earth because it might hurt other feeling who doesn't have the chance to get it.