Tuesday, June 12, 2012

random words

hi blogger!
so how's your weekday so far.
i just realized that i had wasting my holidays doing nothing.
started my break on april and now it's already june people.
i wish i could back to the past.
no regret!

it's been a while since I click that "new post" button.
blame my fingers, they don't want to follow my instruction.

aisyah what exactly you want to do this holiday?
good question.

i wish i could spend my time more on blogging, taking as many pictures a i can,travelling,starting my mini shop selling chick dress and blouse (*my biggest dream ever) and cook something delicious for my tummy.

everything can be done if i have a lot of cash.
back to the top, why don't you find a job?
again, I'm too lazy. if i could find a job i insist to be a boss. so which company want to hire me?

recently, when i go out with my friends i saw a lot of weird people.
why I said so? because they wear something, umm i don't have any specific word to describe.
you know when you mix up all the colours, fabrics,add some lace and style then you will end up looking like a clown.

it"s not a crime but you have to know how to balance your style.
do not cover yourself with such a tonnes of fabric. it's not cool at all.
and to be honest, I'm not really like those hijabi style. not all but most of them.
umm okay let me make it clear, as long as you cover your hair, aurat and not too tight I'm cool with it. but they slowly change their appearances to follow the trend.
come on sisters! where's your pride.

they just misunderstood the concept of covering all the aurat.
islam never stopping you from being pretty and to dressed up like a hot chick.
as long as you still on the line then you good.
you can be stylish,dashing,swanky,elegant,sexy, anything what you want.
why don't you spend 2 minutes looking back at the mirror and judge yourself after put on those clothes.

this chiffon blouse is too thin, i need to wear inner to cover it.
oh, my hijab style exposed my naked neck. okay let's wear inner scarf to cover it

isn't it cool sisters?
I'm trying to improve myself too.
so why don't we help each other for better understanding about fashion?
love ;)