Tuesday, June 12, 2012

purple is so in

bloggers are you distracted by my small hand-writing?
opps! i mean my typing style.

i just think it's so cute and i feel like I'm reading an article on the sport column which is so long and in a small size or a 580 pages novel, single spacing,Arial and 10 in size.

so my current job now is painting my room!
are you excited guys? put your hands up ladies!
actually I've bought the paint for almost 2 weeks including all the brushes and hand gloves.
but the work not start yet.
*lazy mood is on

if lazy is a man, then I'll be marry him.
we're such a good couple isn't it?

yay me because i have finished painting my door in white color.
my friend, Amir suggests me actually to paint my walls in dark purple color and white lining on it.
cannot imaging the color? think about Justin Bieber. yes i mean, that color.

gosh, painting is not an easy work. you better keep that word, don't spit it.
you have to move all the furniture so that you can paint the walls without any problem
plus you have to cover your floor if *god forbidden* you spill the paint all over it.
multiple works baby!
and mak keep yelling at me to clean up my room

mak, i have a concrete reason why i don't clean up my room. wait until i finish painting my room which is umm 3 weeks more perhaps.

I'm such a lazy snails
i need someone to yell at me. but i think before he could finish his word i will kick him to shut him up. 

i hope i can finish all the works by this week *crossed fingers