Tuesday, June 12, 2012

don't cross the line

back in the past, i used to write an essay about my friends.
my big circle of friends.

i bet none of us can live without having a friend, bestfriend, bestfriend forever, gay friends opps.
when i was a little girl, I'm so shy to say hi even with my classmate who's sitting next to me.
i keep saying 'what if she don't like me? what should i say?' should i start the conversation first?
goshhh! it's like answering a calculus question.

then slowly i find out myself. i become more confident to say hi, not just hi, i keep the conversation on by talking about what girls love.


what are the differences?

if you be friend with a girl, you tend to be so dramas every single day.
a small mistakes lead to the rumors spread over the entire school.
and if you have a gang, there must be a day when your gang jealous of you because you get that hot guy's number.
so ada berani ke?

but if you be friend with boys, it's way cooler than girls.
they don't jealous easily. if you have problem, you can just sit down and discuss about it.
but keep in mind, maybe you'll be in a friendzoned.
tipu la kalau you don't have any feeling towards him right?
but once you're in a friendzoned it's not easy to get out from that zone.
so ada berani ke?

for me just keep your feeling for yourselves.
because friendship is more valuable than being in a relationship
once you admit your friend as your partner you can't turning back to the point when you guys are bestfriend.
don't ruin your friendship.

i don't have problem to be friend with boys. not at all
because i now i can't cross the line.
if they said 'if your boyfriend is your bestfriend, you're the lucky girl in the world'
i agree with it but it takes a long period to prove it.

we can't control our feeling because feeling is such a complicated thing in the world.
'damn, heart stop thinking about him!' 'i warn you, just let him go!'
no, it's not that easy guys.

sit back and think the purpose you have him in your life.
as a friend, best friend, for company you when you're lonely, a temporary person in your life or as a VVIP in you heart 

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