Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day ABAH

17th June 2012

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all superheroes out there!
stop rescuing other people, go back to your home and have dinner together with your family.
it just a day break Heroes.

"ayah saya superman, kalau paip bocor tak payah panggil plumber. dia boleh settlekan. hebat tak ayah saya?"

"papa saya kuat gila. haritu masa perompak masuk rumah, dia berani gila lawan dengan orang jahat!"

'daddy saya cool, setiap kali saya mintak duit, 4 angka terus dia bank in."

but if you ask me about my dad,  I would say,
he's not a Batman, because Batman has Robin to help him. but my dad is solo. so i would call him as a Superman because Superman do all of his jobs alone.
now who's daddy is more cooler *flips hairs 

sky will not always bright. there must be thunder followed by heavy rains and somehow after that bad weather, rainbow will appear. 

but mine, the rainbow is not coming out yet.
i still praying for that miracle happen.

he left the house when i was a little girl, who needs a lot of intention and love. nobody can stop him from leaving. that's his final decision. i still remember his word, 'aisyah kuat, so you'll be the leader in the family after i leave. be strong okay you're a big girl."

he's right, i'm a big girl now and big girl don't easily cry. after all, everything when upside down.
our conversation full of awkward thing and i do act awkwardly in front of him.
 we look exactly like a stranger.
and people trying so hard to break us apart. i don't know why.
from my sight, you're so cruel because that's what they told me before.
i hate you!

i hate you because you left me for no reason.
i hate you because you don't put an effort to call me.
i hate you because you don't act like a normal dad should do.
i hate you because we never eat together as a family.
 i hate you for everything that you did.

but that feeling has fade away. i'm matured enough to judge thing around me.
this is a real life. stop dreaming.
fairy tales do end with a happy ending, but in a real life those thing never happen.
i'm glad you call me today just to say hi!
i'm very lucky to have a dad who is invisible. 

happy father's day (: