Sunday, June 17, 2012

body: under construction

i might not be the best person you can have in your life.
i might not be the one you're looking for.
i might not be whatever you wish me to be.
but this is me

my body is still under construction.

i can't be the best friend you can have in the earth. i'm just sorry i can't. because i don't have everything that you want.
you hope you can find a true friend who has all those criteria in your wish list. honey, not everyone perfect.
although you see him/her as a perfect person, there must be something that he/she don't have.
 those kind of things can be hidden by a make-up, plastic surgery, smile and tears.

learn more how to judge people.

give me a chance, that's what i'm asking for.
just it.

hey! i'm a good listener.
not to mention, but i can keep secret.

so, am i still get the second chance?
please say yes.