Thursday, August 9, 2012

bring your manner

A: any advise for those who want to go travelling?
B: simple. Bring your manners, that's it.

so can you see how important is it?
cannot see ah? aiyoo zoom in ah?

datang tempat orang bawak adab dan adat.
menjadi adat melayu untuk bersopan-santun.
tempat bukan hanya referring to places, states, continent tapi juga facebook, twitter or any social networks.

who give you permission to advice me bro?
hey, i'm on twitter 3 years more than you kiddo, so mind your words.

before this, my twitter life (*forever alone) is full of joyful, smile every time i wake up just to check my twitter.
nobody use sarcastic words like nowadays.
everyone respect each other.
no hard feeling, no discriminant, nobody being so dumb.

now, everyone has join twitter. mungkin terasa up di situ.
throwing all shit words 
being rude.
jari ni terasa nak click unfollow button every time i see his/her tweet.
but thinking back s/he is my friend. (*tutup sebelah mata)

do you think it's funny to make fun of your own country?
making fun of your own religion?

kid learns from my word.

there are certain words, views, thought that need to keep in your mind rather than split it out in a wrong place.

if you think you're smart enough to give your ideas about these thingy, why don't you write it in your personal blog or just mailed it to he experts.
your chance for being considered might be 1/10000.
come on boy, you act like a stupid lil boy arguing about your fav cartoon movie not being aired.

'lebih baik tak payah puasa kalau solat kau 5 pun tak terjaga, babi'
emm you wanna advice someone but that last part doesn't show your actual purpose.
so how come huh?

'celaka mana la semakkan TL aku dengan love advice bagai ni, pergi mampus'
young man, your tweets are mainly about love, and you're tweeting with your girlfriend in public.
no shame huh?

situasinya di sini.
seperti baling boomerang ke arah orang dengan harapan nak benjolkan kepala, akhirnya dahi sendiri terbelah dua. 

go enjoy your life.
*bite nails