Thursday, August 9, 2012

coin tossed

sebulan lepas:
alhamdulillah masih dapat rezeki sambung belajar in Bachelor of English di Unisza.

yes! unisza.
terengganu, jauh bukan? I'm not ready yet to study. and frankly speaking, unisza is not on my top prior university that i want.

1. terengganu tu jauh.
2. living cost and transportation untuk ulang-alik 3x lagi tinggi dari melaka.
3. forgive me if i being so skeptical, terengganu majority malays and i can see that they're speaking in malay.
4. so tell me how I'm going to improve my english skill?

jangan cakap saya 'belagak lebih, dah nama melayu, bahasa melayu la'
I'm talking about my future dude.
world needs people who can talk fluently in English, where are you graduated from and soft skills.
so tell me who being cruel now?

unisza ni sama jugak macam uitm.
the only university that want to help bangsa kita.
 how they help us:

lower the fees
increase the number of students intake every year.
terbuka untuk semua golongan sederhana mahupun kaya.

it doesn't matter if you not agree with me. this is my view.

to get more options, i went to ipts which is UTAR, paid rm60 and i sent my application form.
and now i get the offer letter Bachelor in English Communication
fee?tak payah cakap la 35,000 for 3 years.
satu sem 4,000.
jauh bezakan?
this is IPTS people.

out of sudden i think back about my decision.
i ask myself 'which one do you choose?'
and guess what i'm speechless, it's like all my cells in my brain are working to find which word suit me well.

' go check the other fail!'
' i think we have burnt it already!!'


so now which one should i choose?

spending 4 years in terengganu and consider it as my long backpacking to pantai timur and change my weekly meals from nasi lemak to nasi dagang
staying at home, ulang-alik ke UTAR, surrounded by Chinese,be a couch potatoes, stay up late watching movies and eat anything inside the fridge? 

*coin tossed