Tuesday, August 7, 2012

get me a strepsils

not feeling well today.
maybe i drank a lot of watermelon juice yesterday.
or maybe i didn't use an umbrella when it was raining, to prove that i have some superpower?
or the weather itself? too hot and suddenly it was raining.
naah forget about it. it's my fault.

i'm easily get sore throat whenever i eat ice-cream, cold water and anything related to cold and sweet.

my immune system not strong enough to fight that kind of bacterial.
*now i'm talking like a doctor. Haha

i've tried drinking 3 glasses of hot plain water but it didn't work.
then i put 3 drops of tea tree oil, because they said it's good for sore throat.
again, it didn't work.

now, i want a strepsils the strong one that make you can't barely feel your tongue.

gosh, it bring back the memory.
you used to give me strepsils when i had sore throat.
i know it just a small thing, but i don't know why suddenly that thing pop up in my mind.

i'm gonna end up my day taking all the medicine to cure my sore throat, flu and headache.
i love monday.

salam ramadhan and have a nice day :)