Tuesday, July 31, 2012

life without my sunshine

"time flies, we getting older, but heart never change. Friends leaving us, maturity is a count and yet we have to move on"

yes! we have to MOVE ON.
no matter what happen, take a step further. let our feet bring us to the end of the world. 

move on is never a simple thing to do.
the memories, the places, people, the atmosphere and we stuck in that time.
that time when we just know how to enjoy to the fullest. 


that one year is not enough for me to show myself.
not enough to spend our time together.
getting know your heart in such a short period.
 i can't judge you, friends, for truly understand you as a friend i can't do that.
why we meet in such a good starting but end it so quickly.

i owe you a big time.

thank you for bringing back my 7th color of rainbow, now my mini rainbow is completed.
getting know you is a miracle, losing you is a destiny and i can't change it.

Malacca, full of history created by us day by day. forgive me, i couldn't stay because past is still a past.