Sunday, July 22, 2012

ramadhan kareem


salam ramadhan

I'm so excited to celebrate ramadhan this year. I misseed those moments when I celebrating ramadhan in highschool, Uni with friends, my teachers, my homeroom, my roomates, my classmates.

but this year will be more special than before, fully fasting in home with my family. one moth okay, no more nasi bungkus in cafe or had to 'q' for 45minutes just to get the food. are you jealous? please do. haha

O allah im so blessed, you still give me the chance.

ramadhan is not about iftar with many juadah and so on. take it slow, chew it and stop when you think you're full enough.

pasang niat, insyaallah everything can be done. Insyaallah
be a better muslimah, doing good deeds and good outside and inside. Amin