Sunday, August 26, 2012

Papa holds my hands

I'm 19teen yes I know. if you ask me which category am I in, I would say I'm just a kid who lost in a middle of a midst searching for a way back home. but she never find the way because its takes time for Him to send an angel down here to guide me.
too many request perhaps.

19 years I wait for an answer of my prayer. anyone please tell me by which way He gonna answer my prayer? is it like you ask for a gold then boom! gold fall from the sky straight away in front of you. or you asking to meet your better-half then suddenly a guy approach you in a mall and propose you directly without knowing who's that guy. doesn't make sense at all right? if by chance it's happen then you're living in your dream. 

He answer your prayer by open up your eyes, to see the world wider than before. to know how to judge people around you. to make you be more stronger to face the day ahead, because you learn from a mistake that you commit.

it's funny how people judge you by your weakness, not your strength. telling other people what have you done, I guess that's how I become famous around my friends. the rumors spread away so fast all over the campus. within 2 days everyone know your secret. the next morning, you got a new nicknames. isn't that cute? why wasting my time crying over something that couldn't be changed. if only life is like astro beyond which you can fast-forward, stop, pause and play well my life is not gonna be like this.

there's a point that i can't do anything except take a deep breath, close my eyes and imaging something relaxing. jazz song filling the air, all the percussion combine and turn out to be such a good melody. tap-tap-tap 
Papa holds my hands let's dance.
piano solo filling the air.
nice melody

I screw everything. that mini moment is not lasting, it just a temporary feeling.  but who cares, I live in my own life, nobody cares (except those who always knock me down). so here am I writing all this meaningless words on my blog because nobody bother to hear my problem. writing is the best solution.

maturity is a count but your age never define anything accept your temporary good looking face.