Wednesday, August 15, 2012

that one night

that one night, i got everything what i want.
that one night too my heart felt so calm.
nothing can explain my feeling at that moment.
there's no word for me to say how did it happen.
could i said relaxing?
or blessed?

i'm on top of the mountain, waiting to jump off the cliff.
there's nothing more that i can do.
hoping for a unicorn to save me, but unicorn don't has any wings.
nothing can save me anymore.
for whom should i bend my knees, and hope for a better future?
only Him can save me.

that one night He showed me the right way.
the path that full of lights.
what else should i said?
just ignore whatever people say, stick to His answer.
follow your heart.

God answer my prays.
that one night, my question has been replied complete with a full length answer.