Monday, September 24, 2012

make it count

I like to talk about something randoms. Things that we don't even care much or even realized that it's happening.
It's like when we read the whole post then we start to say 'oh.. oh...oh..' repeatedly and laughing at ourselves for our stupid action.

those stupid actions that we did are priceless, nothing can replace the memories. our brains are trained to remember all the stupid actions that we made at the past even if it's 10 years ago, right? those moment when we lied to our moms when we got F for add math, telling teacher that we left our homework at home and claimed that we had finished it. okay now let's try to remember back all the good things we had done before.


hard to do right?
  i bet you're nodding right now.
*flips hair

so here's the thing, back in high-school year, there're certain groups or puak in the same batch  that's hard to get along. 

I think i should refer them as a minor community. that's the best word to describe them i guess. but why minor community? because mainly there're 5-6 members only in each group. i repeat 5-6 members ONLY. kenapa sikit sangat member? ada kuota ke? anyone can join them but we refuse to do so because we know they fight for things that are not true.

how they form a group?
collect all the students who have the higher position in the student affair community, and act like they run the school.

 common situation:

form 2 students make noise >>> the leader of the group try to be a superhero >>> yelling from the ground floor to the form 2's class on the 4th floor >>> using high pitch voice to show how anger he/she is >>> using same dialogue >>> 'adik-adik faham la sikit, kitorang nak SPM tahun ni, hormat la sikit!!!' >>> silent mode >>> lasting for 5 minutes only 

if I'm in his/her shoes, I surely will not yelling and get mad for the small thing. dude, it just a small thing. why you have to yell? we can settle the problem in a good way. if you think juniors gonna respect you for your high-pitch voice, you're wrong bro.
if you want juniors or even your friends to respect you, you have to respect them first. show some respect, they will respect you back. that's how world pay you back bro.

during my senior years, I had to share my room with juniors. a week before trial, they made a sleep-over in my room. chatting, gossiping till 2am while I'm on my study table and do some revision. I can be like those groups, yelling at them to shut them up. but I'm not.
grabbed my mp3, max volume and continued my revision. when they noticed that I had my headphone on, they immediately lowered their voice.

that's how we control the situation like a pro.

okay now let's think back things that might happen.
maybe today you need some privacy to study, perhaps the next day you're so excited to chat with your girlfriends about your crush and without even knowing that you're talking so loud and disturb other people.

opss guilty!
*bite nails

you want people to love you, you want a senior life free from any controversy or girl fight, but you have to love them first.
senior life is so so soooo much fun girl!
make it count