Friday, November 9, 2012

my pledge for UTAR

Rasa macam baru semalam saya jejakkan kaki ke UiTM dan semalam juga saya berjaya keluar sebagai mahasiswi lepasan asasi.

But that was 2 years ago. 

Now, I have another commitment. 
A new life, a new place, start all over again.
It has been a month since I can proudly call myself as UTARians. 

I'm taking Bachelor in Arts (Hons) English Language, UTAR Kampar

I'm so grateful to have another chance to further my study in a well establish private university with a comfort atmosphere. For those who never heard about UTAR, here are some information:

It is a Chinese based-university with the capacity of thousands Chinese students, followed by Indians and a small part of Malay students which I can say only 10%. And when I said 10%, I mean 10% from thousands of people. So you do the count. Get the number?

 Well, being a small community is not as easier as I thought. Before this I'm so happy because I was surrounded by Malay students for 24 hours without any single non-malay students. Yes, I lived in a comfort zone for a year. I never had communication problem, where to get halal food, and basically we just already know how to communicate. Semua Melayu right?

And bang! here you go, when you're walking to the class, everyone is looking at you and said something which you don't understand and smirk. That's just a small part, hold on. We're about to enter the huge part.
Entered a class, the lecturer was talking in mandarin because you're the only Malay in the class and he thought you understand mandarin. When you do the discussion, your group members were talking in mandarin and you was like what?? and they had to do the translation.
That's sooo not funny bro.

Okay now let's see at the bright side.

Small part of them are so nice. Whenever I walked to the class or to the car park, they will greet you. I'm used to this sentence, "Hi! are you Malay? usually I never see any Malay student here, nice to meet you. Hey, wanna join me for lunch?"
A big part of my heart just melting for no reason because I never been in those situation before. A stranger greet you and offer you a lunch.

And to add some more awesomeness, my coolest gang during music class.

Tihn Chern, Harry, Eugene and Abraham.

They are so crazy, witty, wacky what else? anything referring to a loopy action, that was just fit them.
I love talking with them, because they make me see everything from the different view, they proved me wrong. 

"I'm not a Chinese, I'm Malaysian"
                                                                         -Thin Chern

They keep repeating this "catchy" not so catchy phrase, ' We are rockers bro!' but they not.  Too bad haha.

If all my friends think I was in melancholia mode, they're wrong.
I try to fit myself to feel the acceptance in this community.
InsyaAllah I can do that.