Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Let’s kickin a new start. Howdeyyyy yah!

2012 already ended 2 days ago and I still eat bread with nutella from last year.  Gardenia is the best product after all when they prove me that the bread can lasting for a year.  Haha okay so what had 2012 did for me? 

Had it give me a kaboom! experience?  Finished my pre-tesl with not-so-good-grades and had a fought with my roommates, get an offer from UniSZA but i rejected it as i'm a diva you'olls, been accepted to continue my study in UTAR as English Language student, got a badass band for my MUET twice, crying for a week because i didn't get the interview for MEdSi as i thought i had ruin my future, haha. is it counted? Okay checked! 

Had I met my better-half? What a tough question so far. *knuckles sounds.  I met a devilishly handsome guy in a train on my way from seremban to kl sentral and he stood right in front of me from UKM station until KL Sentral and I just stood there pretending that I read a novel which I didn’t touch since I bought it. Yes check! oh for more real experience, I've been approved from a pizza’s guy in facebok as a friend and he asked me either he knows me or not. *pulled a trigger. At least I made a first move. Already 8 moths and yet he didn't make any move yet. Give him a break people!

Have you reached your goal so far? Can you please be more details or narrow down the scope please. Talking about goal or ball, my team Man United is on the first place in BPL match. Glory glory Man United! 
okay stop the nonesense. I didn't set any goal in my life because I’m afraid if I can’t reach that, plus I didn’t know when is my time to meet Him. Maybe this year maybe tomorrow, who knows? Let just assumed that every awesome-legendary-coolest things happen is my life are my goal. So had been there done that. Checked!

Have you encountered any trouble and you manage to handle it? Hi I’m aisyah, 20 years old, still lost in her own way, haven’t get any solution to get rid of from all these pimples. I probably will answer that I haven’t get any answer, but that was last year, oh wait 2 days ago. Too much exaggerate huh? Now I already found the solution. Use ELYSYLE! Very effective. Now I can walk around a town with a naked face. Hahaha

What is your plan for your birthday this year? *bite nails * comb my hair *watch HIMYM for a while. What was the question? Oh birthday party. I don’t feel comfortable talking about it as my last last birthday party was like a hell. Wait did I had birthday party? No you don’t have silly. Why? because i don't feel it is important to celebrate the moment your start to have wrinkles and older. Please don't write my age on a cake, have you seen a monster eating a cake? Try do it. I just hope a phone call from him and maybe a new beetles red car when I wake up the next day? Haha

Nahh I din’t put too much hopes this year as I hate to be on a bottom place. You know that feeling. It’s like someone stole your LV bag and use your credit cards, at the end of the month you get the bills not the stealer! i hope this year will be much better than before. But I know to have a better life, we must experience a very tough experience first and eat em up. Be brave girl :)

**p/s: all these question are made by myself. look how pathetic am i?