Wednesday, December 26, 2012

different ideology

if you calculate back since the first time you went to school until now that would be around 15 years man!
more than a decade!
they should give an honour to me as being very patience for 15 years non-stop going to school every day without dragging my mum's skirt. 
good girl haha.

during first stage, you will be very excited to learn new thing, wearing a brand new school uniform *(siap gantung the night before the school day) and  for sure meeting new friends to brag who have the latest set of play doh and barbie doll.
then after a while you realize how boring is it going to school wearing same uniform again and again and wake up early in the morning. you kinda get the picture, and start to argue why and why.
and still when you entered high school the only thing you have in your mind is " BILA NAK CUTI"
"high school is suck. i can't wait to go to college"

common thing right?
who with me?
come on.

so when lil dania feels very excited going to school next year, i just look at her and visualize everything that she will going through in her life.
same thing as i had going through.
what a life.
dania be prepared. your life will full of books, alphabets, crying a lot because you want to watch cartoon instead of doing the homework, PIBG, searching for a missing sock early in the morning, yell at papa because the water heater is non functioning and mostly *(tipu sunat) that you're having fever.

but it's worthy man. i'm pretty sure mama will let you change your school bag every year. so don't worry. 
it's just your auntie sya has different perspective about school thingy and she hopes she can change the human ideology. haha