Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i'm a fool

not me but you!

YOU la!

hey you,please la stop disturbing my life.siapa-siapa la
just because you're being dumped by ur wanabe boyfriend then kacau semua seangkatannya
ada lagi org sebegini.

girlfriends,if you're being dumped by your boyfriend
don't do anything stupid
stop crying
stop all the bullshit
*don't use this word only if necessary

bukannya mati pun kalau kene dumped
org yg mcm YOU layak digelar stupid.
there're many other men out there
go catch them

so desperate

again girlfriend remember that you're are powerful and womanizer
so act like a super woman
be a cool person
don't let men dumped you

*YOU make me using the @#%$#@^ words
too much huh.

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