Monday, April 11, 2011

to all malaysian out there

assalamualaikum and hi bloggers :)

my phone non-stop ringing today and my inbox full of comments.
from colleges and fiends.
sorry not in the mood to answer.
pss, i having PMS -mood swing today.
girls you know how painful it is

ok BTTS,today i open my FB account and something that i want to share with you guys

'******** tak layak jadi penyanyi'
her pitching was way off.she didn't deserve it '

why you have to rebuke other people?
why you need to comments bad thing about other people and why you need to start a fight
why? *big question mark

you don't have to be hater :)
and if you don't like the song or the singer,you can just say
' i'm not really like the song and ermm i'm more into catchy songs'

see the difference between these two comments?
the first comment will lead to war at your FB wall and people will hates you
but the second comment people will understand and respect your opinion.
so which one your option?

*warni ardy pernah cakap:
'orang yang suka mengumpat org lain menunjukkan betapa mundurnya negara kita.
malu la sikit'

writing is the only way for me to express my feeling and opinion.
if you like it please click like button at the bottom of the post
for haters, i'm sorry there is no dislike button :)

plus i'm not like wani ardy or fynn jamal that express their feeling in songs and poem
and i'm either not like matlutfi or inianwarhadi that use youtube to express their opinion
the super cool and macho man on earth

*sampai sekarang tak berkesempatan utk berjumpa kak fynn.
satu hari nanti :)


uMi_atiQaH said...

aq dh view blog fyna 2..lancang siot mnulis....hurmm

aisyah said...

umi:fyna? siapa tu
*tak faham.maaf :)

h[a]ni$ said...

rmai tol followers c bloggers fynn 2..

aisyah said...

semua sajak dia amat bermakna dan best!
i love her so much since f3

uMi_atiQaH said...

fynn jamal..clap x reti nk express cm dy..hehe