Sunday, November 13, 2011

is it a matter of choice?

lately, I'had watched City Sisters on TV Alhijrah. It such a good channel,full of knowledges yet entertain myself.I didn't expect to watch that show because none of my family's member watch that channel.

The show consists of beautiful sisters wearing hijab in a proper way,which means they covered their chest although they all wearing pashmina,shawls and all kind of latest style.That is what I love most. all the presenters are from U.K,If I'm not mistaken.they talked about random issues about us,the muslimah all over the world,our right in education,Ramadhan,how to gain deen and etc.

what make it more interesting, they are not just sit on the chairs and talk randomly and giving out their thoughts.they have many slots such as cooking time,tips,how to wear hijab,viewers feedback and many more.something to share with you guys,the presenters are muslimah who are new in islam.

Elizabeth Leonard for example,she said

"Before Islam I used to tell everyone I was an atheist but the truth is I had never really researched religion fully enough to make that statement. And as soon as I started looking in to Islam….look what happened Masha Allah!! "

the most interesting episode that caught my eyes are about hijab.

what is hijab?
 what is the proper way to wear hijab?
is it our freedom to choose?
is it an obligation to allah?
or is it a trend?

what do you think?
I believe it's not our choices,as muslim that is the only choice that we have.but it's not a burden at all, no, I'm proud to be a muslim.we have the faith we believe in Allah,and we know everything happen has it own reason.but why we make it as a trend?


I'm not pointing to anyone.I'm just giving out my own statement regarding this issue.
before this we all been exposed to bawal style,simple covered our chest yet nice.but people re-arrange it by themselves to make it more stylist.loose style,pinned one side on the head and let the other side just like that.

then,we have shawl.such a phenomena after yuna make a come back with her own style. twist it on the head up to 3 times,or just twist it to the back of the head and it's done.beads at the bottom of the shawl,the materials,colour.

back to pashmina,old style wearing by arabian women because the frabric is thicker and wider than shawl.still,people get use to it although malaysia is a hot place.

now,we have turban,african style.wrapped on your head and you're done.
just cover your head not the neck.
hoodie style.when the wind pass by your head look alike an's true.

whatever your style is's not wrong.but is your style really cover your chest,hair,neck and ears?are they really suit to you as a muslimah?
are you really show a good quality as a muslimah?
islam is simple,as long as we know the boundaries between the good and the bad,between the necessary and unimportant thing.

I'm also trying to be a better muslimah.I know that i'm not perfect.let's we together try to be a better person,insyaallah.