Tuesday, November 8, 2011

on the other side

hi people!
it's been a long time since my last post.
as usual, malas and lot of things to do which are more important than updating my blog.
i had ate enough of meat for this raya korban.
breakfast,lunch,dinner everything is meat.
seriously gile.haha

just back from kenduri held by my neighbour,akikah for his little baby.
again,everything is meat
kari daging,what else?

okay enough with meat.
yesterday was my friend's birthday,nini
a shorty girl,acts like my mum,always nagging BUT she loves me (:
she called me.that's weird because why she called me?credit jalan weh.
oh,free call for her birthday.

we talked for an hour.panas telinga!
just random stories,about her life in Uni,mine,our friends.
then she asked about my exam.
'so how's your final?doing good?'
already got the result la.

talking about my result,i was so frustrated and not expect that kind of result.
so i shared my problem with her.
i said that i have ruined my own life.
there is no future for me to pursue my study in tesl.
everything getting worst!

hey chill la babeh,who said you have ruined your life.
nobody but you,yourself.
my lecturer said so.
to pursue degree in the same course i have to get 3.00> and band 4 at least.

she's not the one who decides how's your life will be.
ingat tuhan.dia penentu segalanya.
pray for Him to send you a guidance.
insyaallah everything will be okay.

baru teringat betapa jauhnya aku daripada Dia.
ya allah,what have i done?
i'm always thinking negative about myself.
tak sedar yang Dia Maha Mendengar.
maybe He test me,how well i'm handling that kind of situation,facing a problem.
now i realise there is something within something

on the other side