Sunday, June 14, 2015

Cold citizens

Assalammualaikum, it's been a while since I last post something (or even open my blog). What can I say, time is never enough when you used to fill your leisure time doing completely nothing. By doing nothing I mean scrolling twitter, checking current news (normally just not-so-important social entertainment issues) or even for real news netizens opt to give negative comments or twisting the stories up to their likes and bickering (keyboard warriors) and share stupid fact without investigate first either the fact is true or untrue. Oh netizens we are doing it too much.

Please try to enlighten me of how we are getting this far?

Are those working life is getting tougher? Too much workloads at work? Colleagues testing your kindness? That you need an easy solution to get rid of everything so why not we pretend to be a concern citizen "take part of what happen in our country" hate it so what are you waiting for? give a really hateful comment on social medias. Get thousands likes, hundreds repost, thousands of followers. Now I can sit calmly and enjoy the day.

But the truth is most of the keyboard warriors are not from working circle. Most of them are unemployed and students. Why? You got nothing to do? But when we said something "they" say youth has the power to change for a better nation. We are the future and if we doing nothing how are we supposed to change?

They said.

But have you ever consider back, by giving such a really bad comment that shows how unintelligent you are and the shallowness of your knowledge, do you think people can hear your voice? Do you think you can represent the youth? Do you think you can change our system to be better and more efficient? Do you think you have that to change?

Think twice before you talk.

World doesn't need more brainless people to dominate the world and corrupting the system. Enough is enough.

Stop being such a coward. Fighting for your own justice behind the keyboard. And this is the reason why I try my best not to spend time on twitter. Read books, newspapers. Buy a cup of hot coffee and read something good.

If you want to change the nation, buy books. Don't wait for BBW to stock up your collection and display it on your bookshelves because you think the idea of displaying your books shows how smart you are. Oh society, everything have to be fake.